04.02.14 /15:03/ 1147
~   Buddha

we were each given a pen to write 
to write pages and pages of stories.
stories about our childhood memories, families, jobs, aspirations.
pages of lines of words that define who you are.
all converge to become chapters.
chapters that hold true to the words written in these stories.

one day, you’ll come across a certain someone to share these chapters with,
and that certain someone will do the same for you. 
you’ll read stories of their childhood memories, families, jobs, aspirations.

along the way, you’ll find lines of similarities or perhaps pleasant surprises of the other’s individual stories.
you’ll laugh, cry, get lost in their stories. 

in the end, both have pieced together these different chapters of their lives.
woven one by one,
chapter by chapter,
to create one book that speaks the life of two. 

two writers that now share one pen.

— vy

kinda diggin long black dresses. such slim. 
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~   Og Mandino 
~   (via designerdirtytalk) Made me giggle.